Can I just have the Front Door Keys Now, thanks?

Oh but I love a sweepingly curvy staircase!
This staircase is a beauty,
and is the centrepiece of a most extraordinary
Modernist house for sale at one
of Melbourne's beachside suburbs, Black Rock.
Let's have a look at the exterior first,
to get a sense of the International Style
influence of this stunning house.
Located on the esplanade,
Southern Sands was designed by husband and wife
architectural team of Holgar + Holgar,
who arrived in Australia
from post~war Poland in the 1950s.
Helen Holgar attended university in Rome first,
then gained her architectural degree in London,
{where she met her husband}.
Unable to return to Poland with its communist rule,
they migrated to Melbourne,
where they formed their own practice.
The balustrade on the balcony has a touch of
Oscar Niemeyer's
sensual concave columns about it.
In 1967, Holgar + Holgar designed "Naliandrah"
another concrete house with International Style influences,
the model of which is held by Museum Victoria.
Complete with arches, sun screens, flat roof,
and a large expanse of white,
I can imagine the Tracy family living here.
Room for the Thunderbird helicopter on the roof, Parker?
Here is the real Thunderbirds home,
and you just know that this was a favourite show of my childhood!
But back to our Holgar + Holgar team.
This is another of their glamour pads,
also in Melbourne, from the 1960s.
Now honestly, this could be a shoot from a house today.
{Well, ok, probably not the peach paint.}
I would SO live here.
And in our Black Rock house,
I think this may possibly just be my dream retro kitchen.
Moroccan floor tiles, curvy island bench thing,
bronze kickboards, sprayed concrete ceiling, white cupboards.
And have a look at that custom light fitting.
Chandelier? Sculpture? Eccentric? Oh yes, all of these!
And for next time James Bond pops in,
we could serve his Martini at
this bronze and black leather bar.
Loving the yellow silk curtains and the gold wallpaper too.
 Gold taps, gold towel rail,
more delicious arches and those amazing Moroccan tiles.
I am in love, love, love.
And that staircase just keeps swirling voluptuously
through the centre of the house,
bringing its organic beauty to bear on every space it touches.
Just as well there is a pool, because
every glamour pad needs one,
to cool down the heels of guests who are swooning.
Yes, I think that may just be me swooning.
Because I think this is one of
the most exciting and dynamic
Modernist houses on the market.
So I would love to live here.
How about you?
Images & agent details: JP Dixon
Architectural Model, Museum Victoria
Property address: 344 Beach Rd, Black Rock, Melbourne