Glamourous Champagne Coupes for a Wonderful Weekend...

Utterly enamored with Champagne saucers.
Yes, I know flutes are more practical and the tingling bubbles last longer,
but who can actually resist the romance of a
voluptuous Champagne coupe?
All those pearlescent bubbles of gorgeousness
just belong in something glamorous.
I was thrilled to see that Katie,
also shares my love of saucers.
But then, with a chocolate cake that looks that good,
even a plastic glass would look romantic!
The Champagne saucer has its origins in England,
and first appeared in 1663.
{Well before the famous Marie Antoinette was around,
so there goes that rather lovely theory of the shape!}

The Victorians were a bit keen on the idea of drinking Champagne in coupe glasses.

But it didn't become hugely popular until the 1930s,
in the post~prohibition era.
At that time, Champagne was much sweeter
than the dry varieties we prefer today,
 which lose their bubbles more quickly.
So the larger surface area wasn't quite so much of an issue.
New York's Stork Club would often send a complimentary
coupe of Champagne to its guests,
enhancing the glamourous reputation of the drink.
The saucer remained a popular Champagne shape
right through the 1960s and 70s,
often used for these kinds of spectacular fountains at weddings.
It's not so easy to find the vintage ones in a full set,
as one of the downsides of the top~heavy design
is an ability to tip over more easily than the flutes.
These ones are from the 1950s.
Gold rimmed Champagne saucers!
I think that tops my list!
I was lucky enough to recently find this lovely crystal coupe,
with etched grape leaves, from the 1950s,
in a perfect set of 6.
Joy oh joy!
Crystal coupes, because of their little imperfections,
hold onto the crisp bubbles longer than glass coupes,
because the bubbles "grab" onto a rough surface.
A gentle curve at the top also helps to "grab" the bubbles.
But whatever their beautiful shape,
here's to the glamour of a gorgeous Champagne coupe,
and here's to a wonderful weekend,
wherever you may be.
Let's toast to that!