The Edginess of Pink! Really? Pink Edgy? Yes, truly!

Colour is something that enjoys being unpredictable.
Just when you think that pink 
is pretty, sweet and dainty,
along comes a different use of it to 
blow that reputation out of the water.

In this dining room by Architects Eat, 
magenta pink dining chairs provide
a grain of gritty edge.
  It's almost a raw energy,
bouncing off the other neutrals in the space.

"Edgy" is defined as 
"having an intense or sharp quality".
And these look at me pink flowers,
in a witty arrangement by Saipua,
 sure have a sharp intensity against the somber dark leaves.
They scream out life and mercurial vibrancy.

In the new Blackman Art Hotel,
any other colour would have been quiet in this bedroom.
But the hot pink, mixed with orange and purple,
brings an electric blast of energy, 
providing the gritty edge to an 
otherwise elegantly subdued palette.

For pink to be edgy, 
it seems that it needs to be surrounded by 
a lot of dark, moody, sultry colours,
coarse, rustic textures,
and fairly dramatic lighting. 
This room has all of those things.

Apart from looking delicious, 
this image of Strawberry & Red Wine Macarons
by the inimitable Desserts for Breakfast,
ticks all of the edgy pink rules boxes.

Moody colour background? Tick.
Rustic texture? Tick.
Dramatic lighting? Tick.
Yep, it's a great example of how saturated, 
almost verging~on~vermilion pink,
can be gritty, edgy and unexpected.

Images 1: Vogue Russia;
2: Villapark House by Architects Eat;
3: Flowers by Saipua;
4: The Blackman Art Hotel;
5: house for sale at 39 Pakington St, St Kilda via;
6/7: Strawberry & Red Wine Macarons by Desserts for Breakfast.