Capturing the Alfresco Lifestyle Perfectly...

The notion of alfresco living
is one that resonates so deeply 
for so many people,
as a dreamy way to live.
This elegantly sensuous house 
achieves a cosy connection with its garden, 
through the full height windows
which allow the verdancy outside to become an artwork.
The timber ceilings and warm toned palette
make this space a very comforting one.
While the landscaping layout gives a hint 
of what may just be inside...
...which is a carefully constructed palette of simplicity.
Do you love the rugged timber vanity 
as much as I do?
It's a great foil for the perfectly seamless floor.
Yep, I could face this happily every morning. 
See how the windows peel back from the corner,
to reveal a perfectly inviting alfresco lifestyle? 

Would you like to live here,
alfresco style?

Images & Agent details: Marshall White;
+ Australian Design Review.
Architects: Architects Eat.
Property address: 35 Wattle Valley Rd Canterbury Victoria