Golden Leaves in My Hallway...

In the midst of the most glorious Indian Summer
in Melbourne at the moment.
With golden, sunshiny days and crisp, clear star-filled nights, 
the leaves in the garden have started to turn for autumn.
So I couldn't resist bringing in branches
of this Liquid Amber tree, 
to enjoy the pretty colours in my hallway.
The seed pod, which fell from 
one of the palms
by the pool, 
is filled with little seeds from a 
New Zealand Christmas Bush
So it's a bit of an international botanical feast 
going on here! 
When my daughter saw this, she said,
"Are you trying to tell us summer is over?"
Well one season ends, another begins. 
I love them all! 
Whatever the weather is wherever you are, 
I hope it is a perfectly pretty weekend! 

All images taken by blue fruit