Delectable Duet: Texture and Detail

Have always loved contrasts of 
textures, whether in clothes or interiors,
where a wispy little edge of texture
can add just the perfect detail.
The Madame Rose collection,
by the young Pamela Usanto label,
plays with contrasts of fabric textures,
in delicate little details like lacy cuffs edging
chunky heavy silk
It's a contrast of rough and smooth: 
of dense fabric with delicate edges,
of pink suede heels with smooth floral satin,
of glossy dark timber veneer with matt white walls,
of coarse linen curtains with a silk brocade chaise,
which create this 
Delectable Duet 
of Texture and Detail. 

Images: Fashion Pamela Usanto, Melbourne, 2011 Madame Rose collection
Interiors: house sold recently at Victoria Street, Albert Park, Melbourne,