When Building & Landscape Belong together...

Well you know, from last week's post, 
that I have a fondness for living by the coast. 
So I was a bit smitten when I found 
this beach property for sale.
Because as well as that lovely view
across the sea dunes to the blue water....
...the house actually feels like the beach,
with it's extensive use of weathered timber
and the predominantly grey colour scheme.
The house and its landscape 
just seem to, well, belong
The deck timber picks up on the colours
and textures of the surrounding bushland.
 While the pool just mirrors the blue sky & olive grey~green trees.
The curving sweeps of the path and lawn
create a wonderfully untamed aesthetic.
They look "windswept",
just like the coastal bush itself. 
And the grey-based plantings reinforce & reflect
the coastal atmosphere, as well as the architecture. 
Internally, a sense of open space is not neglected.
The 4 sided clerestory window takes care of that. 
{Imagine the stars at night twinkling through!}
Designed by architect John Lochead, 
with landscape design by Jim Sinatra, 
this is a seamless blending of house and landscape. 
One just sits comfortably with the other. 

Would you like to live here?

Architect: Architecture Works
Landscape Architect: Sinatra Murphy
Property location: 114 Orton St Ocean Grove Victoria Australia