When a sea view makes you go "ahhh"...

There is just something 
elusively beautiful about a sea view. 
Hard to find words to describe 
the emotions conjured up from a scene this lovely.
This is Mt Eliza, the suburb of Melbourne where I live.
"Four Pines" is something super special,
and is currently for sale. 
Beach front access, 
overlooking a gorgeous bay, 
and a quietness which instills serenity.
This is the night time view from the garden,
looking across the bay to the 
CBD of Melbourne.
And this is the day time temptation:
the intriguing named "Canadian Bay Beach",
snuggled at the bottom of the garden.
{It was named that in the mid 19th century, 
by some home~sick Canadian timber cutters.}
We go walking here on weekends, 
while my son kyaks in the bay.
It's a pretty little house, 
but it is that view which makes me excited. 
Imagine a summer picnic on these lawns.
And even in the midst of a winter storm, 
those picture windows would create 
a connection with the sea spirit.
Timber gates, stone gate posts.
Hmmm, what's not to love about this,
as a "welcome home" vista?
It has a country~beachy feel.

I could happily live here,
how about you?  

Images & agents details: Aqua Real Estate
property location 15 Freemans Rd Mt Eliza Victoria