Colourful brights in Adore Home

I have been drowning under an 
avalanche of work lately, 
with projects both in planning and construction,
with not a second to focus on anything else.
So many beautiful projects! 

While hunting for new fabrics for one of these
lovely homes,  I have just discovered 
the latest issue of Adore Home.
{Yes, I know it came out last week...oops!}
I am completely smitten with the bright colours
of Bluebellgray, the Scottish fabric firm
headed up by textile designer Fiona Douglas,
whose own home is in the magazine. 
These gorgeous fabrics have a 
hand painted look to them. 
Such vibrancy! 
And there is also a delightful article on 
some of Melbourne's hidden design treasures. 
The girls know us well because the 
opening paragraph mentions our 
obsession with coffee! 
So true! 
{I often wonder if the main reason 
I moved to Melbourne was to indulge my 
coffee obsession...}
The freshly refurbished Stokehouse 
restaurant gets a mention... does stylist Lucy Fenton's glorious 
treasure of homewear delights: Fenton & Fenton.
Also love the bright fresh colour hits 
in the Sydney home of interior designer Vivian Mansour.

Now, enough of that and back to work!
But I might just start sketching poppies
into my elevations....