The beauty of Stone and Timber never fades...

Always drawn to the timeless 
charm of natural materials in architecture.
Especially stone and timber.
And preferably, combined, so that 
a contrast between the two 
plays off the 
inherent beauty of each.
The stones can be massive, 
as in this dining room at the new Fasuano Hotel...
...Or small, as used in the entrance to the same hotel.
Naturally weathered, but very lineal, timber 
enhances the golden tones of sandstone,
in this very structured design. 
Knobbly timber, played off against
"contained" square pillars of stone.

These gates are amazing, aren't they?
They are made by a local Melbourne 
landscaper, Greg Hatton. 
In another garden by Greg Hatton, 
a twisting piece of driftwood 
forms the weathered handrail, 
again contrasting with the 
stonework which is both random, 
yet contained, within its concrete mortar.
The organic nature of timber and stone
is exaggerated here, in the organically shaped pool,
by architect Max Pritchard.
So why am I obsessing with stone and timber?
Because I have just begun a new project
of a house built high on a hill, 
overlooking a bay. 
And what could be more alluring, 
or a better reflection of all this beauty,
than gorgeous stone and timber?

Images: 1 & 2: Great Southern Lodge resort at Kangaroo Island, 
by Max Pritchard architect.
3 & 4: Fasuano Hotel Punat del Este, brought to my attention by 
5: The Sands golf club, Torquay;
6 & 7: Greg Hatton landscape elements;
8: private house by Max Pritchard;
9: Stephen Shadley design for Jennifer Aniston's home.