Little Red Riding Hood must Live here....

If you found a house
with a beautiful cherry red door,
do you think 
Red Riding Hood might live behind it?
If she did, she wouldn't have 
to worry about the wolf popping 
into the kitchen. 
Because I don't believe that wolves
climb into skylights. 
Do they?
She could ask some other 
fairytale friends over for a bbq...
With a gorgeous timber floor,
and that amazing timber door, 
it has a bit of a forest feel.
And that fireplace would be 
perfect for gathering around to 
read fairy stories.  
 Multiple mirrors in the bathroom
play with perspective, 
so there are 2 gardens to admire 
from the bathtub. 
Yep, I can imagine Little Red
living very happily in this beautiful house,
which is for sale in leafy South Yarra, Melbourne.

Would you like to experience the fairytale 
and live here?

Agent & Property details: Kay & Burton, South Yarra.