Darkly Delicious like Melting Chocolate

Sometimes, the most wonderfully alluring spaces
are darkly delicious.
For me, this house by Wolveridge Architects,
has all the luscious appeal of a box 
of seriously good dark chocolates.
There are carefully framed views out.
And carefully framed views within. 
Oiled timbers and moody~toned finishes 
to reflect the dramatic beauty of the bushland around it.

Can we even call this a bathroom?
Sounds a bit flippant.
Perhaps a bathing gallery? Yes, that's better.
The storms can roll in across the valley,
it doesn't matter; 
because we are snuggled up tight inside. 
And just like a good chocolate, 
concealing secret caramel lusciousness inside, 
this kitchen is, well, delicious. 

Just like a box of good, dark chocolates. 
Would you like a bite?

Images: Wolveridge Architects, Melbourne.