When words are sliced sideways, crossways, anyways...

See that gorgeous grey cushion 
on the orange velvet sofa?
It is such a fun design 
~ because it is so intriguing. 
How many words can you make up
from the sliced word bits?
This beautiful cushion found me via a 
competition on Design is Born,
the covetable blog of Pia Glover.

Pia also runs Paje Design {a creative branding agency},
where the team brings an imaginative and glamourous
eye to everything they touch, it seems.

 Take a look at some of their packaging designs...

And their art design & direction for photo shoots...

And this design for a fundraising event, 
which combines an element of nocturnal mystery with 
a sense of anticipation... 

Some stunning designs! 
So, what has this all got to do with my new cushion???
Well, to celebrate her Design is Born blog turning 1, 
Pia was giving away this fabulous 
Pony Rider Sliced Player cushion to a creative entry.
And I was lucky enough to win it! 
Yay! Thank you Pia!
It is hand printed, hand cut and hand-stitched, 
all in Australia, which makes it extra special. 
If you love it as much as I do, 
you can order one from Pony Rider.
Or check out some of their other yummy designs...

Gorgeous things, do you think?
  I love the Sliced Player cushion pattern 
because I adore elements that make 
you look twice, 
to see things on the second glance 
that weren't revealed on the first glimpse. 
And in this case, that also means turning your head
this way, that way and every way to read it!

Do you like interactive design too?

Images: blue fruit; paje design; pony rider.