A new home for the Jetsons...

When I lived in London, 
a favourite walk on Saturdays
was through beautiful Holland Park,
to feed the squirrels & let the 
children have a riotous good time 
in the amazing playground.
And on the surrounding streets, 
there were some fabulous properties. 
This extraordinary one, 
at Lansdowne Crescent, Notting Hill,
is currently for sale. 
Designed by the London architecture firm
Richard Hywel Evans,
and built a few years ago, 
this is a space~age inspired penthouse. 
The Jetson family would love it!
Hmm... the rounded glass matches the windows...
The penthouse has actually been built on top of
2 adjoining {1930s} apartment blocks, 
and is joined by a double storey glass bridge.
Which looks amazing at night. 
Even the entrance is dramatic, 
although MUCH more subtle than the apartment.
The stainless steel frame becomes a 
strong visual element internally. 
There is much to adore about this home:
the curvaceous lines, the fabulous light.
I also love the glossy floors, 
which are seamless epoxy,
sprinkled with bronze dust during the drying process.

What do you think?
Could you imagine living here?

Images from Property agents: Pereds
Image 8: Bjarte Rettedal photographer
Architects: Richard Hywel Evans