portfolio update

Do you remember a while ago 
I mentioned that I was working on 
renovating a 1980s chocolate brown brick house?
Well, the guest suite is now finished, 
and you can see how the bold 
colour scheme has been used to 
inject some fun into a space
that is, after all, a holiday one. 
Repeating elements
{pennyround tiles in caramel, white & bronzed copper,
contrasted with warm oak timbers}
were used to pull the kitchenette, 
ensuite and window dining bar areas cohesively together.

And the fun colour scheme of 
Chartreuse & avocado greens with 
deep melted chocolate
is punchy with the glossy white mouldings 
which we had mounted around the walls 
for some fun. 

The guest room is such a success
that the clients' children have 
all but moved in there for their daily play,
which leaves the parents with a 
now very quiet main house!