Make an Entrance with Symmetry!

What makes a fabulous entrance?
A clearly defined path
suggests "welcome" to the first-time visitor.
In the house above, the "weight" is balanced to
left and right - even though it is not obviously symmetrical.
{The huge tree and spiky grass is balanced by a
very large expanse of open grassed ground.}
But here, symmetry has been obviously used
to centre the resulting very defined front path.
{Much easier to work with obvious symmetry,
but often a well balanced weight can be
more exciting.}
In Vicki Archer's wonderful garden in Provence,
symmetry has been used to rest the eye.
Yet this is not a central front path
that leads to an obvious destination.
So it creates a sense of mystery.
The journey from gate to door can become
the mystery itself, as in this example,
where the views are only revealed
at each 90 degree turn.
Gorgeous, yes?
And when one finally gets to the
destination of the front door,
it is wonderful to have something
fun for the visitor to look at,
while they are waiting for the door to be opened.
Here, it is a Grecian patterned screen
with a gold bowl hovering over a pond,
as well as stunningly beautiful front doors.
Or it can be a shot of unexpected colour,
like this fabulous Chartreuse front door,
that provides the element of fun for waiting guests.
Symmetry is used to balance the crazy colour
with an equally bold black and white graphic wallpaper each side.
And once inside, it is exciting to
continue the theme from the exterior.
{This is the same house as the courtyard image above.}
The screened hall table echoes the Grecian screen outside,
and the olive-toned leaves repeat the oak timber of the doors.
So whatever your front entrance theme is,
have some fun with it, and let symmetry
be your guide to make it a treat for the eye.