Ah! The romance of 20 years....

Romance can be a delicious distraction 
from the day to day craziness of everyday life. 

Last month, as I casually 
asked my husband where he would like to 
spend our upcoming 20th wedding anniversary dinner,
he replied "the Boathouse".  

"But that is in New York City", 
I replied. 

"Exactly," he smoothly responded. 

So, as spontaneously as that, I didn't book the 
usual Melbourne restaurant, 
but began researching a completely unexpected,
deliriously decadent, week in New York in December, 
without the children....
Why not travel half way around the world for lunch?

We did, indeed, have lunch at the 
fabulous Boathouse in Central Park, 
 all dressed up for Christmas with poinsettias on the tables...
And a Christmas Tree in a row-boat, 
frozen in time, in the lake outside.
As we left our lovely romantic lunch, 
and strolled around to the other side of the lake to 
pinch ourselves that we really had done 
this crazy thing, a beaming couple stopped to ask 
if I would take their picture because he had just proposed.

I told them we had just popped over to New York to 
celebrate 20 years of marriage, 
and that we wished them much happiness. 

"What's the secret?", the beaming fiancee asked my husband, 
looking for a man-to-man ode of wisdom. 

"Whatever her question, 
the answer is always yes!", he confided. 

So that's how he does it!