On the first day of December, my true love sent me Gold...

Having an obsession with all things gold
and yellow at this Christmas moment...
So I thought, perhaps gold and yellow
for Christmas decorations this year...
mixed with a touch of creamy bark for an earthy touch...
A native Hakea branch {with a little gold}
 would be just perfect 
for an Advent Calendar tree
{each golden bag holds a Seahorse chocolate}.
The wreath is wrapped with paperbark 
from the garden, 
oh, and a couple of our pet Rainbow Lorrikeet's feathers
{no, I didn't pull them out, 
he kindly left them on the floor 
to add to our decorations}.
While the Christmas tree is simply 
glamourised with scrunches 
of gold and yellow tissue paper.
These colours are just 
gorgeous for an Australian summer Christmas,
only problem is, 
on this first day of summer, 
its raining outside! 

What colours are you decorating with this year?

Images: 1, 7-14 Blue Fruit; 2: Vogue China; 3: Penelope Peacock available from Domayne; 4 & 6: via a la parisienne blog; 5: via Living Etc.