Mad Scientist Birthday Party ha-ha!

Does he look like an Evil Mad Scientist???
Last weekend, being Halloween,
was the perfect time to host
my son's 11th birthday party
with a Mad Scientist theme...
I concocted some fun invitations
which set the theme for an Evil Mad Scientist's Laboratory....
All eyes were on the guests as they entered the lair....
I figured that a bunch of 11 year old boys,
who share a penchant for science,
 would enjoy mixing up dastardly mixtures
just to see what happens....
They grew crystal trees.
And, while they were growing...
...They made super-structures with
mini marshmallows and toothpicks... see which structure could go highest without toppling.
Next: home-made lava lamps...
in various awful {and nice} colour schemes...
Vegetable oil, alka-seltzer, food colour & water
is all you need for these great experiments.
Time to blow things up a little!
We did the vinegar + alka selzter + red food colour combo
to make an explosive bottle...
This is the "quick it's about to explode" look....
Then the good-old "coke and mentos" fountain,
which is supposed to create
a messy spout 3 metres high...
But, in our case,
 there was a bit of a drought at the fountain...
Undeterred, the boys said it is all part of
the experiment to see what does and doesn't work!
Which cheered me up immensely.
So then it was time for the repast....
They drank Poisoned Shrinking Potion
{I think I warned most of the mothers that
their sons would be returned in
a smaller size...}
The party boxes were tagged
with warning labels
  And so the party is all over for another year... goes so fast!
Are you having a mad scientist party?
I would love to hear what you are planning.