Black, white & gorgeous...

The stunning drama 
of black and white 
is rarely applied with such discipline
to the exterior of a residential building
as this fabulous home by Cero Architects, in Madrid. 
The mirrored facade creates fabulous drama 
- a trick often used in heritage sites -
but here the black mirror adds 
an extra layer of 
Isn't it gorgeous?
Black and white provides glamour in other guises, too...

Ah, so very disciplined...
But then, of course, it all makes the perfect backdrop
for a splash of riotous colour!
In racy red...
Or in elegant green.
All are simply black, white & gorgeous!

Photo credits: 1,2 & 3: Cero Architects; 4: Expo 1967 pavilion, via Vintage Vogue; 5: Zebra via HongKiat; 6: Anna French wallpaper; 7: Gabrielle Cortesse; 8: Gabriella Cortesse's bathroom via Daily Mail; 9: Charm magazine cover, 1959; 10: Benson sofa by Arthur G, Melbourne; 11: John Jacob;12: H&M halter top, image by Blue Fruit; 13 & 15: Alexandra Mansions via 1st option; 14: Grace Kelly via Vintage Vogue; 16: Melbourne International Flower & Garden Festival, image by Blue Fruit; 17: Hartley Landscape Architects, France