A house to live in forever....

I could happily spend sunlight-filled days & balmy evenings 
in an elegant, exciting-yet-subtle house, 
such as this beauty by 
Brazilian architectural firm Marcio Kogan.
Sunshine-dappled floors...
sensuous shadows on the floor...
Floor-length curtains rustling in errant breezes...
The screens fold back, 
responding to the changing moods of the weather
and to the whim of the lucky people who gather there... 
Ilhabela House is a beautiful balance 
of textures both rustic and polished...
where smooth steps float contrastingly 
with the rough-tumbled stone wall.

Simple rectangular forms, contrasting textures 
& an ode to light are trademarks of this fabulous firm. 

Architects: Marcio Kogan
Architectural co-author: Diana Radomysler
Collaborator: Eduardo Chalabi
Photographer: Pedro Vannucchi