What is hiding in the Bushes?

How about this for the quintessential bush retreat in 
the gloriously wild Australian landscape?

It snuggles into its setting so delicately, 
that it almost resembles the darkened twisted forms of 
the gorgeously ghosted gum trees.

Drama as an art form - the house, designed by 
architect David Luck as a weekender - 
(which allows for a lot of potential experimentation with layouts)
- is composed of 4 pavilions.

And, if you would Love to Live Here
you can, because it is currently for sale. 
Located in the fabulous Red Hill area of 
Melbourne's Mornington Peninsula, 
surrounded by excellent Pinot Noir producing 
wineries and rolling hills of gums and ferns, 
with views of the adjacent bays, 
this just simply has to be a slice of heaven.

Details of the sale are on Domain.